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Remembering Your Past Lives

WHY remember past lives?
Knowledge ofpast lives can shed light on your strengths, talents, preferences and aversions, sometimes in surprising ways. If you're a talented singer, chances are you developed your skill over many lifetimes of training and practice. Occasionally, people discover talents they didn't know they had -- until they delved into their past lives. With a moderate amount of training to refresh your memory and tune up your new (present-life) body, it may be possible to revive long-dormant skills.

Most likely, your strongest friendships today began long before you were born -- this time. You might have been brothers or sisters sharing happy lifetimes in a peaceful village or on a tropical island. In other lives, perhaps you fought (or resisted) wars together, rescued each other from fire or famine, or were there for each other again to celebrate life's joys.

Frequently, fears and blocks can be overcome. For example, a fear of water can often be traced to a past-life drowning. Re-experiencing such an incident can be the first step in a rapid healing process.

A wide variety of problems are evidently rooted in past-life situations and choices. Recall of these events and decisions can be extremely useful -- as part of a more extensive process of healing, increasing awareness, and cultivating new attitudes, feelings and actions.

Spiritually-oriented psychotherapy can include past-life regression. Benefits can be found in many areas of life, including career, relationships, and general well-being. In many cases, physical symptoms are eased as emotional roots are revealed and resolved.

HOW to access knowledge of your past lives:
One popular way to learn about past livesis to consult a psychic. Certain astrologers can also make inferences about your past lives. Very skilled psychics and astrologers may in fact give you reasonably accurate and intriguing stories about your own, long-forgotten adventures.

You may have spontaneously glimpsed your own past lives in dreams, in meditation, or on the massage table. Both bodywork and altered states of consciousness can open us to remember.

In contrast to listening to someone tell us about our past lives, direct recall is generally more powerful. This direct experience can more easily be used to change our present lives for the better.

We can intentionally remember our own past lives using past-life regression. In this context, "regression" means going back in time, in our conscious minds or subtle bodies. Do-it-yourself regression audiocassettes and CDs are easily available. (One excellent resource is www.brianweiss.com; or (305) 661-6610.) These can be useful if you want to learn how to relax and open your inner vision, and begin to access pleasant memories.

Many past-life "voyagers" feel most comfortable and focused with another person present for support and guidance. Today, an increasing number of therapists specialize in facilitating past-life regression.

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More information:
For more information,see the Links page on this web site. Several of the sites linked here have past-life therapists listed on line. Brian Weiss's organization will send you a list of local practitioners if you request this by e-mail.
Alternatively,you can contact me at DrLGreenberg@aol.com or (212) 501-3707 (New York City).


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